Friday, April 20, 2012

Ahadi // Promises -- April 17, 2012

LOVE-PORTRAIT // Said Suleiman

I take painting tools
to paint my picture
as a very gloomy victim of love
Permanent marks of dried tears
showing down my cheeks
for I cried all my tears for you
A beautiful flower you are
your scent kissing my nostrils
to bring effects in my brain
to make my heart pumping
the blood of life and death
for it’s you who decide my being
just leave me and let me die
but stay to let me live
My saying I love you
is as if doesn’t have any meaning to you
for I said it and repeated it
million times at a time
but never matched to your heart
So I shall too take painting tools
to paint my heart
to show how my love is over you
because words alone don’t depict it clearly enough
but to show you too
how broken is my heart
how poisonous spear pierces
my real-loving heart into pieces
into deep hollow holes
which make me never to love again
never to love as I’ve loved you
Why would you lead me into wrong promises?
broken promises?
made me to give you all my being
all my love and heart
knowing you would do the same
as you ever promised
but only to fool me
but you fool yourself too
for no one will love you
the way I did, the way I do
So I shall too take painting tools
to paint my heart
into two pieces cut
to show how incomplete I am
to show how a half man you left me
for you are my other half
then come back to make me complete.


Promises promises sound nice from the start
They make us feel good deep down in our hearts
Promises given with benevolent intent
May ease life and make it easy to pay the due rent.
But promises are like double-edged swords so I see
Sometimes they are deceptive guile, that they be.
Given with ill intent so perverse and unkind
One may kill for a promise
for what it’s worth with eye blind.
One may offer you your life’s dream on a whim
In exchange for a favor daring or grim.
Plant drugs on that man over there
and police may arrest him
Put him away for false reason.
Why should you care if the promise is there?
The promise, a new life in the states it may be,
A visa or green card to change the life you would flee.
Do what he says and you will soon see
The promise is empty, not what it was built up to be.
No American visa to send you there off
Just a pat on the back for the favor…your loss.

Love promises come straight from the heart
Promises made under the spell of love
Potion #9 on one or both with true art.
If love’s spell breaks and the magic is gone
Love’s promise may no longer hold faithful
And your true lover may be gone.
His promises once whispered in your warm ear
Like honey they drip and you trust with no fear.
Asunder you heart is broken that final day
He breaks love’s promise and with you will not stay.
Forever to be by your side in fierce embrace.
It becomes a cold empty promise that one fateful day.

But promises are considered good by me
Lost love soon replaced with one other
Better or worse we will soon see.
The empty promise recognized at once in a flash
The deceptive promise not convincing
Brushed aside to burn and crash.

Be careful what you promise in the course of a day
In a love that governs your actions and ways.
Don’t deceive others promising what you cannot give
In anger from your broken promises few can forgive.
Be honest in promising as sure as you may
Promise unto others only
as you would have them promising you today. 

A PROMISE NOT TO PROMISE//Gerry Bukini (ze Anonymous Poet)

This promise is solid
And these words I speak are true
Today I promise never to promise
Cause a promise is something that Humans can hardly keep

I promise not to promise that I’ll be a good friend
Cause we hardly call one another
I promise not to promise that I will be a good lover
Cause even love said to me “There was Romeo and Juliet so who are you?”
I promise not to promise that I will be the best husband
Cause I being the best; you’ll be the less and this imperfect combination will mess up the rest
I promise not to promise that I will be with you forever
Cause this mortal soul will have a taste of death some day

I promise not to promise
Because promises always leads to lies
I promise if you try me you’ll have to rewind this
Cause I promise myself not to promise
So promise me not to promise that you’ll wait for my promises

PROMISE TO LIFE //Thomas Green

At once a boy-child in his mother’s arms
Her tender touch holds promise of comfort and bliss
The child unaware as his mother coos sweet sounds
With her warm whispered breath
Passing across his tiny face
He thinks his harmony truly never amiss.
Adversity breaks the spell of mothers touch
And the child suffers from the ills that there be.
Illness makes his life uncomfortable rough.
His suffering appears to him never ending be.
Healed and healthy once again,
The promise is once again restored and he’s free.
Other malaise do strike and strip this away
The promise once thought sure as we pray.
Serenity is lost but regained day by day.
Health is restored as if from his mother’s touch.
The child grows healthy strong and tall.
A young man watching his mother with love.
He comes to his mother with his touch as she lay,
In the clutch of a lonely hospital bed.
He clasps her hand and assures.
He whispers to her that all will be all right
Though he knows it may not be and he’s so unsure.
He promises comfort at the end of her days.
He loves her with all of his heart.
Tears wash his face when he turns away
He wishes he could protect her from that promise mislaid
Of life, good health, her serenity, from deep in his good heart.
That promise is lost or are we so mislead
By our mother’s caress and long lasting touch.
It was never promised forever to live
Nor to avoid pain and trails on our way.
‘Tis a false that none shall die at the end of a day.
Our promise is that we have lived, loved, and be.
From death seeming wrong, no one escapes,
And this we do finally see.



I am crisp, clean, ceaseless. 

I am ripped, russet, repaired.

I am lost, earned, found, granted.

I am bread, wage, geld.
I was meant for you, but withheld.

I am not loyal. I am dearly loved.

I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of.

ANXIETY DREAM // Thomas Green

The stage is set and here I am standing
Many look towards me and wait for a word
On the stage with a group of people I know
Thrust into my hands was a script that’s now gone
But I cannot remember the words.
My lines gone from my head, so absurd!
Once Upon A Mattress is the play I see
Characters familiar that I know inwards and out
Why is it the words escape me at every turn?
I try to recover and remember,
but there is no hope, no not at all
My memory is gone like a scent on the breeze.
Prompters off to the side give me my cues with loud calls
What to say, I should say, and I should know
What part is it ? Where am I to stand?
I am confused and so befuddled as a result.
What is it I am supposed to say?
I am there as if in a void all alone
My memory failing me, Oh the stress I do feel and it gnaws.
My costume seems to be in tatters
Frayed edges at every seam do I see.
I try to fix it with no good results.
How is it I cannot remember my lines?
an embarrassment fills me deep and wells inside.
This dream repeats itself each time with new twists and new starts
At the end I awake as anxiety riddles my soul.
As growing older my memory slips away
Pieces of my puzzle, puzzle me each and every day
Who was that? What actor? It’s on the tip of my tongue. I should know!
Hours later the name comes back or then again, maybe not,
But when it does I say “hey Yah! That’s the one!”
Slipping in and out names come and go
Where is it? What was it? Why am I here? Who are they?
Our memories are what make us who we are
Who we are slips away as we grow old.

YOU PROMISED // Mustafa B. Sharif

You Promised to give
The time when you wanted
But you took and did not give

That was what you promised
That you will deliver
Oh! did you dare?

There was a promise
We all didn't want to miss
To see you as the special one

We wanted to hear
Your words very loud and clear
You Promised And Promised
But you are no longer our dear