Thursday, August 15, 2013


I Just Don’t Know
By: Thomas Green

When we met that one January night
Would you be the love of my life?
Intoxicated by the music and the lights
Would we make love the first time that very night?
 How could I have known?
When was the moment I fell in love?
Was it the savage fire one night raging above?
You gave me a rose so red and so bright?
 Was it the lovemaking that was oh so right?
But how am I to know?

Was it your warm breathing in my ear?
Or was it lovemaking with not one ounce of fear?
Your smooth body pressed to me so close and so near?
Your laugh and smile so warm and so dear?
Oh but how could we have known?

I knew you too had fallen deep in love
That one night that you cried all the night long.
I had to leave you for oh so far and oh so long
You did not think you could ever be so strong.
Oh why did I not know?

I saw you again after almost a whole year
We made love but you said this is the last my dear
You walked out the door never once turning back
I cried because I understood not this new tack.
Oh how could I have known?

Two years later we decided to give love another chance
Your voice so longing for a second chance.
But silence drew out for one year more.
You died on a street broken and nevermore.
I just didn’t know.

Would I do this all again?
I know a love so strong it never ends.
To know that kind of love is so complete
Even death of one or both cannot defeat.
And this I do know.


This is like an imaginary idea,
When you don’t think of something to appear,
It’s anonymous whether it’s there or here,
When it is unknown.

But when you really want to hear,
It is not heard my dear,
Until you will get fear,
When it is unknown.

 But thing to do is removing tears,
 So as to be like a hero with a spear,
  Who makes all things clear,
  When it is unknown.
It really sounds near
with a thing like mysterious,
 by the time comes peculiar,
 When it is unknown.
I would end up my dear,
By saying the unknown is right here,
When it will appear!  I don’t know,
Because it is unknown.

 by Ali K Ali

Days were passing by
I was feeling that I will fly
Day after day I was crying
She was unknown
At my sigh.

She gave me the rose
At midnight
She was right

I said, after left to me
A cup of fresh honey and milk

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