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MANENO mourns the loss and celebrates the life of one of Zanzibar's most poetic souls, the songbird BI. KIDUDE, who passed away the morning of Wednesday April 17th in Zanzibar. Join us on Tuesday, MAY 21st at 7.30 for a night of poetry that channels the spirit and energy of this epic and effervescent woman. Tap into your wild side, go to the edges where that wildness in you exists. Sing and write your heart out as you know Bi. Kidude would. Join us to read poems, letters, notes, prayers, epitaphs, even article clippings, quotes, songs, Taarab lyrics or something that might just make Bi. Kidude happy. We'll gather to celebrate her voice and read words that honour this extraordinary woman and her immeasurable impact on all of us. 

-- MANENO ---