Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Familia/Family -- April 19, 2011


The world
As complicated and big as it is
As rotated and spherical as it is
Life as I know is
It’s not about the rich dad poor dad thing
Nor am I on the sad side, Good side’s wing
Life is all about my family
They say
Yours nucleated and independent
Mine extended and dependent
Remember me?
I’m from your family

Yours great
Mine torn apart
Living with rats
Always hurt
It’s not a mistake
I’m from your family

God created
Man separated
Love united
Life frustrated
Days dated
Wealth counted
Society rated
Made others hated
Leaders dictated
Many anointed
Still I’m from your family

You make things
I make no-thing
Wear diamond ring
I push a cart with two rings
Hey I’m not bluffing
I’m from your family
Do you love our family?

LET'S TALK / Gerry Bukini 

This is to you
Who made everything new and blue
Though far apart, our hearts are glued

You are my mother
Not my father
Who never bother
With the distance very further
Found an excuse to go to another
And left me on the land of others
This time
My strength I've gathered
And with you I would rather
Let's talk
I wanna talk
Do you wanna talk?

My heart hard as rock
My pride bigger than oak
I'm a man
So I walk the walk
And talk the talk
I have realized
My arrogance sucks
Let's talk
I wanna talk
Do you wanna talk?

Less attention to the clock
It's moving fast
And never comes back
It goes past
Leaving things stuck
Life was meant to be white and not lust
Now it's just fights and all black
Let's talk
I wanna talk
Do you wanna talk?

I have a whole life to live
You have all that to give
Your way I do believe
That's why I was conceived
Please: let's talk
I wanna talk
Do you wanna talk?

Your love fills my lake
Your heart; me, I break
My mistakes, I take
Yours' let's just say are fake
I wanna talk
Let’s talk
Do you wanna talk?

 STUFF/  Raja Jarrah

They told them they were leaving, to a place so far away,
Dont go, they said, we’ll miss you: when can we come and stay?
They kissed each other. They left each other.
They missed each other. They sent each other
Useless ugly gifts that they treasure to this very day.


What is so special about family,
Those men, women, girls and boys
Whom chance has brought together
For a lifetime’s background noise?
We love them when we don’t like them,
We hug them after we fight them,
We learn forgiveness, we learn respect,
Within our little sect.
Within our little sect.
Outside out little sect, it’s different, oh joy!
We can lie and cheat and blame
And cluck and tut and stutter
At other people’s shame.
I’m glad we’re not all family,
Thank God! It sets us free -
If we had to be nice to everyone,
How tiresome life would be.


Exciting day! Here she comes
A visit to beat all visits
My best traveling chum,
who could guess, was my mom
both enjoying the same exhibits.

So alike that we were
on each thing we’d concur
Two peas in a pod
unknown streets we would trod
we would go wherever together
truly like birds of a feather

Oh Rome! Pantheon, Navona, Oh Trevi!
Neptune stands regal austere atop his splendorous shell
from which clear waters do gurgle and swell
Two mermen stand half-submerged
From blue pools their winged horses surge
a conch shell siren one blows
an old story so it goes
if we tossed them our coins
to the pool there below
one fine day we’d return to fair Trevi.

Day two , or day three?
Oh the powers that be
On down Vatican way
Where so many do prey
A large dome split the sky
Where devotion meets eye
radiant gold reaching high
Alabaster the steps of Saint Peter’s

Our travels could hardly stop there
Home, Rome, Florence, Venice, somewhere
Wherever, we happily shared those times together

Mom coddled me from birth,
And taught me infinite mirth
Stroked my ear with one finger
The adoring touch still long lingers
As our varied travels are now past
The memory will long last
As does the caress of her motherly fingers

Just the first day we met
I knew we had something in common
The eyes
But we both ignored that
And so we lived together.
As days went on
I came to realize
That we had more than enough in common
As if we were twins.
But love
Love made us blind
Not to ask for background
Of each other
For quiet a time now
We’ve been sharing a bed
Madly in love with each other!
Twenty years
After twenty years
Of losing my mother
Of not living together
Of not knowing her where about
Of not knowing even her look-alike
We’ve come to meet each other
Only to fall in love

To share a single bed!
            A single bed with my own mother!