Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Temptations/Matamanio -- May 15, 2012

GOSSIP OF THE DAY//Said Suleiman

On a baraza
under a shadow of a mango tree
sat a group of women
talking about a gossip of the day
about a girl who crossed the boundaries of temptations
to become a talk of the streets;
“She is just sixteen but pregnant
she gave herself away to a man 3 times her age!”
“How easily tempted
these young girls of today?
Very dangerous when body pleasure
comes to you as unrecognized guest
whose intention is to become your host
then to become your master
ruling your body and mind
into doing wrong things
but made them look right”
“How easily she gave way to the man’s pleasures
whose short fling with her
meant to release his unwanted seeds
as waste materials, never to be noticed
but turned to mean very heavy burden
to be carried by a girl of only sixteen”
“May be her age
for she was still a child
to understand the consequences
of her playing an adult game”
“But may be the taboos
of not talking about sex
made her ignorant”
“But could be poverty
the need for money and necessities
made her easily tempted”
“No, it’s the upbringing
the teaching of the ethics
was overpowered by the lust for comfort
you know, the touch, the caress
the kissing, the licking, the sucking
made her mad to know her own being
made her unable to remember the ethics
you know, when smoothness meets toughness
the cold-explosion happens
which makes blood run faster
to change the actions and reactions of the body
to make one forget the happenings of the world
you can’t blame her, can you?
There is a place in everyone’s heart for temptations
and the place will never be empty!...”
And so they went on
the women under a mango tree
talking of the girl with mixed thoughts
But who knew
that the girl was raped?
One never can tell about people.   

PICK ME//Eleanor Griplas

Some are wreathed in gold
Stylishly dressed with a twirl,
A twist here and there,
a chicly placed fold
pretty ribbons and bows
A purple wrap, very regal
Shiny bling and smooth wrapping,
a top knot styled with mousse

Most, but not all, are beautifully attired
They are a group, attractive and on display
They belong together, carefully selected
to complement each other’s character
Each one lounges in its own moulded seat
And to be sure you choose the right one,
they are labelled and have sumptuous names
that when spoken quite melt in your mouth.

Amongst the assortment competition is fierce
Which of them is the most tempting?
Which will be chosen first from the list?
One by one as they are scrutinized for selection
The pressure intensifies
Each vying for attention
Wanting to look totally enticing,
Each screams an invitation of “pick me I’m not plain”!

Some are more desirable from the outside
but then they disappoint.
Their mood can be too dark, or
Just too sweet or too soft hearted
others are more modestly adorned
but satisfy from the first  encounter
their deliciousness defies expectation
- you can’t tell a book by its cover

But there are always those that are left to the last
They hang out together knowing
That they will always be found on the fringe;
They dream of being tall and dark
or white and fragile, a Mocha cream, a rum truffle
how they want to be like hazel who is always in a whirl
you see, poor penny toffee or  simple sugared almond
life… it’s a box of chocolates

VICE//Thomas Green

You come in many forms
and sneak in in every way.
You taunt me with your charms
And easy-going ways.
Sometimes you reach out to me
On the air that I breath,
Tempting me to partake of you
with some degree of greed.
You sustain me through my sight
casting me a glance upon your way.
Your sleek and subtle curves
Can blow me far away.
I could try to eat you up
figuratively or not.
You take me on a trip sometimes,
On that I kid you not.
The aroma of your skin
Excites me beyond belief.
When I sense your aroma,
My heart may  skip a beat.
Have your way with me
and do as you may.
My desire only half fulfilled.
I always want more of you,
stay until my pulse lay still.

Temptation you are with me every hour of every day.
There in my heart you do abide,
As you often come my way.

You may be a drug to ease pained demented minds
Relieving me from stressed out days
A drink to ease the days, I pine.
A lover not unlike snow white powder of cocain.
A pleasure to be eaten up at least once each and every day.
Like dark chocolate you change my life.
A forbidden fruit not chaste.
My taste buds fire like an engine hot
with your smooth appetizing  taste.
Dark and sinful you may be
I cannot say no, no way!
You almost quench my thirst
And relieve my mind in sense numbing ways.
Slake me now like burning Scotch
ice so cold it soothes the sting.
Overindulging you dull my senses
Fill my glass again and again.
Before I become distraught today
Rub my back, oh yes right there.
My desire won’t come won’t go away
Inhibitions stripped so bare.
Get naked as it goes
I invite you give me a caress
Leave me not to my own devices
Your love does ease my stress.
Oh these sins divine so small my vices,
Temptation you do so heartily win.
Your sweet talk comes at such high prices,
It is time to fold and give in.


I am tempted to liberate, 
Its never late to escalate

This temptation for liberation that boils beyond the boiling point for generations, lost nations, is the declaration for salvation through education

This temptation for liberation do not seek registration nor preparation. Its a self sensation, personal desperation. Lack of temptation for liberation leads to rough situation and endless brain starvation

I am tempted to liberate, 
It’s never late to escalate

I found a station, a location for the accommodation of temptation for liberation for an endless duration without hesitation and it’s in the population of one and his imagination on the life's balanced equation 

Temptation for liberation have to be put into consideration, for the public to reach safely to their destination with a good reputation, that is not subject to lubrication or coloration

I am tempted to liberate, 
It’s never late to escalate

This temptation for liberation awakes mind cultivation, remembers the abolition of slave trade, guess the addiction changed the formation to abortion while others cling to adoption, we seriously need affection, manifestation of the unknown suffering.

Temptation for liberation of donated emotions, filled with all kinds of pollution, creating a wall against ambition, it’s time for redemption, civilization and characterization

I am tempted to liberate, 
It’s never late to escalate


Adui ni mdomo wako - Your lips are your enemy - Fitina
Bila jasho huishi - Without sweating there is no life - Pumzika
Usiache mbachao kwa msala upitao - Do not give away an old prayer mat for a new temporary one - Wapembeni
Kombe la mungu li wazi - God's cup is open - Temptation