Monday, March 25, 2013

Ushirikiano // Cooperation -- March 19, 2013


We cooperate thus we are together and closer

Co-operation moves like the tide, it dances, and it transforms the way you meet

Co-operation people it cause to simplify life

Unity is strength, solidarity is a good faith

Like music, many notes, many voices, One Song


Has it been a difficult day? Yes it has!
It happens so much now these days.
Tighter than tight are the purse strings my dear

As the world economies ride recession’s ride.
Down a tumbling path of economic woes
To where it ends? We do not know.
We gotta cooperate in these difficult times

If we’re gonna get to the end of this road.
We havta continue steadily on our way
Careful methodical and slow as we go
There is no real choice in this matter

Not that I can see as I ponder
We need to cooperate, stick together, coalesce my friend
United in our plight as we try to go yonder.
Oh God how I wanna be free from this path
Depart from this kiddie roller-coaster ride
I want to take off and fly…but
This ride is just a few feet in the air

Just a slip and you’re out on the ground.
Going up just a little then down near the bottom
It travels with monotonous dread
Chugging tedious and sluggish on twisted tracks

Going nowhere, or at least nowhere fast.
Stick together or you’re dead.

COOPERATE // Mustafa Sharif

Here we are, together
Live, Work and breath together as one

Our life depends on both of us

Here we are, connected as a single body with many organs
Here we are, together as one

Happiness, Love, Life

Rules for humanity and our dignity
Here we are, together as one

Cooperate to create

Cooperate to sustain
Cooperate for a better us